Once the doctor decides and accepts the patient as a good candidate to undergo treatment with IBOGAINE, he goes on an interview with our psychologist.

In the same way, the psychologist will evaluate the psychological condition of the patient, as well as inform the patient as a psychological preparatory means.


Once the treatment is done, the doctor will continue to evaluate the patient’s medical condition, taking care of the physical needs and some residuals of the abstinence syndrome.

After the treatment the patient will have the necessary interviews with our psychologist to analyze and investigate the experience he experienced during his treatment. Helping the patient to understand his experience even more.

All this is aimed at giving you a better projection in your life and of course advising you that a psychological follow-up based on the AFTERCARE PROGRAM of the therapeutic community model is very important and is taught by our professional group of IBOCURE-RENACER REHAB CENTER.


Once the patient is ready to perform treatment, he will enter in a fast of at least ten hours. You must also enter (in the case of opioids and heroin). In a framework of withdrawal from 3 to 7, on the scale of one to ten. According to the weight of the patient, the corresponding dose will be taken out.

It will start with a trial dose, and according to the first reaction you will continue to administer the full doses that correspond.

During the treatment, patients will be monitored with medical equipment and under the care of a doctor and nurses to attend to their needs at all time.



The merge between IBOCURE and RENACER creates in the year 2016 in the state of Colima And Puerto Nuevo Baja California.

Our institutional mission is to accompany the people who have disease addiction and dependence on substances such as heroin, cocaine, opiets, menthaphetamines, alcohol, etc.

Helping them to reintegrate in a Integrates society, as well as providing comprehensive treatment in collaboration with its family members.

We have first class facilities with very large areas where patients have the privacy to help focus on their treatmet and have no other distractors. So they do have a lot of contact with nature which helps them to function better their mental health, their anguish and their strees.

The population we serve is aimed at men  and women over 18 years of age who present any type of dependence on addictive substances.