At IBOCURE we handle two phases in our treatment, of course, we recommend a full treatment including aftercare to ensure them a gratifying return results which is the reason why is looking for a change of life.

From the experience we have gained, we have analyzed that a significant percentage of patients who are treated with Ibogaine have relapsed again in a period of 4 to 6 months as they are not prepared to deal with their environment, so an after care is essential to avoid relapses.



After your treatment with ibogaine you will find yourself in the process of redefining various aspects of your life, you will ask yourself who you are, what you want for your future, what are your purposes, your goals, what will happen when you return to your home, your city, with your family, with your friends, how you will face your environment, what changes you will have to make.

This is one of the processes that you will face in your subconscious with your IBOGAINE experience and in this process, even IBOGAINE in your system is a good opportunity for you to take a mental recovery program. That is why we have implemented the therapeutic community model in our AFTERCARE program.