about us


Our story

IBOCURE was created by a group of professionals with a high level of knowledge using ibogaine along with rehabilitation and behavioral training to treat people with addiction.

We have compiled our knowledge and personal experiences over the years working in other specialized centers using ibogaine.

We have assembled a team of professionals, experts in the field and knowledgeable faculty to give you the best experience with ibogaine to interrupt addiction to heroin, alcohol, and other destructive drugs.

Our main concern for our patients along with the detoxification is their ability to return home after the 7 day treatment and not relapse. We implement a rehabilitation program based on psychological treatment for people with addictions. Our staff helps them discover the reasons why they fall into their addiction, followed by helping them discover the tools they need to solve the problems and finally by assisting them in creating a life plan for their future.

Welcome to Ibocure-center.